Daddies Matter!

….. Lately, Kelsey has turned into a Daddy’s Girl and it’s been amazing to watch their relationship unfold. It made me think about my own childhood, my godfather and my bio father. I’ve always known that both parents are important in the life of a child but, it wasn’t until Kelsey came along that I realized the magnitude of the relationship between a father and his daughter.

Initially, Kelsey was very much attached to me. It’s so funny because I remember before we knew what we were having, I wanted to have another boy. Caleb was an amazing baby. Happy and loving. Always hugging and kissing us and at two and a half, he was quite the gentleman. He wanted to help hold the door open or try to carry bags that were twice his size…. So, I enjoyed being the only woman in the house… But, once we found out our second child would be a girl, I was all in. Excited to buy baby girl clothes!

This last year Kelsey has changed so much… She was a spicy baby. Very demanding and somewhat impatient, if I’m being honest… Lol. But this last year, she’s grown into a hugger and kisser like Caleb. Lol. She’s still demanding though… The hugs and kisses are a requirement rather than a normal act of affection. If it’s bedtime and she doesn’t get a hug or kiss from ALL of us, you’re gonna hear it until she gets it. If you drop her off at daycare, it’s the same thing… She kinda sounds like the grandma who says, “You better hug me before you leave!” Lol…. Anyways, let me get back to why daddies matter! Lol.

I’ve watched how Josh and Kelsey love each other. It’s completely different than the relationship Caleb has with his Dad. He truly is her first love. You can see it in their eyes. She will sit with him for hours and watch football. She barely sits with me for 5 minutes before sliding out of my lap and running off to play. They have a special bond. A love that transcends… It’s quite magical to watch…. I’m rather positive that because of the love she has for her father and because of the standard he’s set for her, she won’t settle for foolishness.. Or at least I hope!

Daddies don’t just matter for little girls, they’re also important in the lives of little boys. With Caleb, Josh is more stern but still loving. He helps to provide him with a discipline that’s necessary. It helps keep Caleb in line. But, he still knows Daddy loves him. He runs to him with arms outstretched ready to hug and Daddy after school….. He wants to learn anything Josh is doing. From walking the dog, to taking out the trash, carrying bags and holding open the door. Not to mention, caring for and protecting his little sister.

The bond the kids share with their father is what I wish I had with my father. My godfather died when I was 16 and the lack of relationship with my biological father still bothers me… But, I’m happy to know that my kids experience will be what I dreamed for myself….

Why Daddies Matter will continue next week… But I can’t leave you without today’s lesson. If you’re married, allow your husband to be a true FATHER to your children. As mommies we want to protect our children, even from their daddies when they’re disciplining them differently from what we would do. If you’re a co-parenting mom, allow your children to have a relationship with their father. There are things that only a daddy can teach. Sometimes just being in the presence of their father teaches them lessons you could never teach. The bottom line is to allow children to create their own relationships with their Dad.

Until next time… Peace, Love & Light.

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