Friends… How many of us have them?!

Recently, I reconnected with some of my childhood friends on my last trip home for the Christmas holiday. We had lost touch for one reason or another. Life had gotten in the way but, things transpired in the last year that caused us to reach out to one another for one reason or another. We ended up being able to have a girls brunch together and it was just so refreshing to be back around people who knew me from childhood. Ladies that got all of my silly jokes from middle school and high school. It was nice to be a kid again… even for a moment.

I also have a sisterhood group… women who I’ve bonded with in the last year that have really helped me to become unapologetically me. Who love me without judgement, regardless of the fact that they’ve known me for all of “five minutes” compared to my childhood friends.

And then I have those friends who I’ve always kept in touch with. Who I consistently do life with everyday regardless of how close or far we are from each other. Friends who call every time there’s a hurricane in Florida. Or who I can call when I have a panic attack or just need someone to talk to when I’m driving and struggling with my anxiety.

Why are any of these friendships or sisterhoods important to women, wives and mothers? Why am I sharing about friendship? Because we ALL need a person or even a group of people to hold our hand, wipe our tears, and let us cry on their shoulders when things get tough.

Life happens and dynamics of your friendships may change but they’re all valuable. All necessary….

So what’s today’s lesson? Be obedient to your heart… call that friend that maybe you’ve lost touch with. Had a disagreement with. You never know what they might be going through or were going through when you stopped communicating. Let’s all just love each other a little bit more. Beyond our flaws. Beyond our hurt….

Until next time… Peace, Love & Light.

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