Good Bye 2019… Hello 2020!

… As the door closes on 2019 and the decade I can truly say this year has been the most freeing and trying at the same time. I started this blog originally as a way for me to document my journey as a wife, mom and everything else that’s tossed in my lap. I never thought people would read my thoughts, share their experiences or even care to be quite honest. But, this blog has given me a freedom I never knew I could have. I’ve been able to share the deepest parts of my heart. To be vulnerable to the world (or 5 people who read… lol) to see. And I’m ok with being unapologetically ME. I’m good with those who hate me as well that those who love me. At the end of the day 2019 has been a year of discovery and I’m happy with the ME I found.

Is life perfect? No… But when will it ever be??? Is it better? Yes! I have a husband who loves me for who I am today and pushes me to who I need to be tomorrow; a healthy family, home, a sisterhood who keeps me grounded, and friends (old/new) who appreciate me for who I am.

Is anxiety, depression and PTSD still a challenge? Absolutely, everyday. But, everyday I’m growing stronger, I’m fighting harder and I will OVERCOME. Will it be in 2020? I don’t know…. But, I know God destined me for greatness. Does that sound cliche? Probably…. Do I care? Lol NOPE!

I learned this year that I have to be me. I have to walk in my truth, regardless of how embarrassing, shameful and unorthodox it may be. There is NO story no one can tell about me that I haven’t told already or won’t tell in the future…. I’m not afraid of what someone might know about who I used to be because I know who I am today. I’m a woman…. who has evolved.

I’m grateful for the pruning I’ve had to experience because I know the flower that’s growing will be beautiful. Sometimes we stumble so, we can learn to walk differently than we did before… This year I had some stumbles, falls, scratched knees (lol).. But, I’m still here. And I’m excited to see what 2020 will bring!

So… what’s today’s lesson? We’re all constantly growing and changing. We all have lessons we’ve learned, mistakes we’ve made but, we are not defined by incidents. We are NOT happenstances. We are MORE…. And we should not be judged or criticized by a moment in time…

Until next time…. and next year! Peace, Love & Light!

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