I got Baptized…

… and just like that I was a new creature.

Baptized at Christ Fellowship, 11/17/2019

November 17, 2019 I made a public declaration of my Faith in God. Now I was baptized as a kid. Probably when I was about 5. I remember walking down the aisle at church and asking to join the church because well … if I’m completely honest I wanted to sing in the choir. Lol. And back then that was the only way I could. If I “joined” the church. I wore the white baptism gown and got dunked in the basement pool at my family church… and then I was able to sing!

But here I am 29 years later realizing that God has always been here for me. I’m not living “alone”. I’m not fighting anxiety and depression by myself. He’s here. So knowing that I knew it was time to die to myself and come up out of the water (again) a new creature… I knew that I had been running… I would come up with an excuse every Sunday my now church had baptism. And if I may say so I had stupid excuses…. lol. “My hair isn’t done, I’ll look horrible coming out of the water.” “I’m on my period.” Even on the day I got baptized I said, “It’s too cold to get baptized outside.”

I sat through the whole service crying because I knew in my spirit I was fighting with a demon that wanted me to die spiritually. Didn’t want to let me go… but I knew whose child I was and that today was the day… the day for me to start fresh, to be a new creature. And so I did it!

What’s today’s lesson? Be courageous. Find your purpose and walk in it. Don’t let fear stop you… and once you do that you will be able to LIVE freely…

And did you really think I’d close this blog with the elephant in the room as to why I haven’t written or posted in month?! lol of course not! Truth is I’ve been clinically depressed. I’ve been struggling in silence. But no more honey!!

So with the I’ll catch y’all on the next one! Yes, next week!

Peace, Love and Light….

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