I hit a wall….

Hey Friends! I took a few weeks off because life has been kicking my…. behind! Lol. I’m learning that when you’re trying to do something new, sometimes you have to take a moment to just breathe. So, y’all I had to breathe for a few…. Weeks! Lol. 

Let me tell you what’s been going on. First, I started a new job…. Now, I had been at my previous job for a year and I loved it there but, things started to change in a way that gave me some uncertainty so, I had to move in another direction. I loved the people there, the work I did and it was an amazing experience that I’m grateful for. It helped me to get to a space where I realized that I enjoyed writing and it’s part of the reason why I started blogging in the first place. 

Anyways…. My new job is fun and challenging. I’m an Executive Assistant to two completely different personalities who both keep me on my toes and I’m enjoying it. Of course there’s been an adjustment period. So, I’m still learning the waters right now. 

In addition to the new job, I started another class for my undergrad degree. Business writing…. Which is completely different than blogging so, I wanted to give myself time to switch writing styles. Because as you know, writing to your co-workers is completely different than me getting on here spilling all my tea… Lol. 

Not to mention, my in laws came to visit the week my job started… Entertaining family members is always exhausting. You stay up later to spend time and talk or you try to find activities on the weekends so you all can actually enjoy each other…

So, I’m TIRED! Lol. And I realized I hit a wall when I kept finding excuses for why I hadn’t written anything. I had friends and family asking when the next blog was coming and I’m like yeah it’s coming and I hadn’t written a thang! Lol. I HIT A WALL. I didn’t want to just write something for the sake of saying I posted a blog this week. I wanted it to be what I’ve been giving. My true, authentic, uncensored self. But, I felt uninspired until last Tuesday when I realized I missed my nephew’s 18th birthday the day before. I was so devastated. I literally teared up a bit because I had all intentions of sending him a message or calling him on his birthday and I let the whole day go by and forgot to reach out to him. I’ve never missed any of his birthdays and turning 18 was a big deal so, I beat myself up a bit about forgetting. 

But, it wasn’t until I sent him a message that I felt inspired. I sent him a message to apologize for missing his birthday and to encourage him that 18 is only the beginning of adulthood. Life is a journey. A path that has all kinds of intricate twists, turns and challenges, good and bad. And do you know what he said to me? He told me I was successful and he hoped to be like me when he got older. And I was completely FLOORED. Because in my mind, I’m not successful, but a work in progress. I’d even say some days I’m a COMPLETE mess. But, to him I’m a success. That’s amazing to me. It’s amazing because it reminded me that you never know who’s really watching you. You never know what others take from what they see in you.

His message to me reminded me that I’m not just living for me. I’m living for those who’ve gone on before me and for those who are walking behind me. I started this blog to document my own journey, not realizing that these few words I’m writing can help those around me. I now understand that writing this blog is bigger than just my story…. 

So… what’s today’s lesson. Keep GOING! Crash through the wall and don’t stop. You never know who’s watching and who sees you as a success. You won’t get it right all the time. You’ll get tired. You’ll need to rest and take a break. But, let the break be a break, not an eternity. Get back on the bike and pedal…. And that’s just what I’m gonna do!

~Peace, Love & Light….

#perserverance #persistence