It’s POTTY Time!

We are currently in the trenches of potty training with Kelsey. We’ve always taken a slower approach than others but, it works for our kids and our household. Kelsey has been wearing pull ups probably since October and for the majority of the time she goes to the bathroom with no issues. We went through a long stretch where we wouldn’t have to change pull ups and all seemed to be going well…….

And then, we got to about 2 weeks ago when Ms. Kelsey started to “ruin” her pull ups out of defiance! My husband and I both had our own little run ins with Kelsey where she (in our minds) intentionally pooped when we wouldn’t allow her to get her way… Oh joy. Now, baby poop is quite different than toddler poop! I won’t go down the toilet bowl on this one (insert comedic drum roll here).. Lol But, let’s just say once kids start eating what you eat, changing diapers or pull ups is NO LONGER fun.

We tried various disciplinary actions when she repeated this behavior until last Wednesday when she completely tipped the scale for my husband… Poor man. I came home from bible study to Kelsey in her room – stinky, crying and just a complete mess. Basically our kids from time to time still like to bathe together (it’s normal, don’t act like you never took a bath with one of your siblings or cousins close to your age).. Lol, but this night Josh really wanted to get them situated and in bed on time and he was doing it by himself. He told Kelsey no. Turned on the tv in her room and asked her to watch Minnie Mouse while he finished getting Caleb ready for bed… Well, the 2 year old Kelsey, turned into a toddler version of the Incredible Hulk and lost her mind. Screaming and crying and then doing a #2 to display her complete utter dissatisfaction for not having bathtime with her brother. When Josh returned to the room, she was still in a frenzy and once he realized what she had done, he told her that was no-no and that made her even worse! Jesus! By the time I got home Josh tagged me in and told me to order her underwear because she knows better…

So, this weekend 21 pairs of toddler training pants came in the mail. I washed them all and then gave her the option to put her first pair on this past Monday. We made it exciting by getting characters she liked…. Minnie, Peppa Pig, etc…. It’s been 4 days and for the most part she’s not had any major accidents or intentionally used the bathroom on herself. She even slept through the night last night in her underwear with no issues. YAH!!!

The next phase in potty training is potty training us as parents…. No, we already know how to use the bathroom. Lol. What I mean is, we have to get used to reminding her to go to the bathroom, have extra time in the morning to let her go before we leave the house or whenever we go out, period. You don’t realize how programmed you become as a parent when you’re so used to just changing the baby, putting clothes on and getting ready to go. When it comes to potty time, kids don’t like to be rushed so there’s a whole extra 15 minutes you have to add when they start using the potty… There goes my beauty sleep…. Lol.

So…. What’s the lesson today? Lol…. There isn’t one! I just wanted to share some of my humor with you… Just kidding, today’s lesson is we all grow up! And with growing up comes changes, you just have to be prepared….

Until next time…. Peace, Love and Light!

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