Our LEGOLAND Experience!

Since Caleb’s birthday is in November we decided to take the kids to LEGOLAND a few weeks prior to celebrate. His birthday is really close to Thanksgiving and we weren’t sure if we’d be traveling for the holiday and turning 5 is kind of a big deal! Lol. So we celebrated early.

Us at Legoland… October 2019.

Initially we planned to go on Saturday but the day got away from us and we decided we would just drive up later and go to Legoland on Sunday. If you have/had small kids you know that if you don’t pack the night before you can practically forget it! Because trying to pack a family of four even just for one night is like an obstacle course, way too many twists and turns! Lol.

So, we spent most of Saturday lounging around and eventually got to packing by the afternoon. I think we ended up leaving the house around 5 or so. Legoland is about 2 hours from our house so we got to the hotel by 8, because with little kids you have to stop for “potty breaks” and snacks (I feel like every 30 mins, hahaha). We ended up staying at the Courtyard Winter Haven, which is a Legoland property. I’d totally recommend this hotel for anyone with kids, it’s right off the property of Legoland but, it was super cost effective and seemed to be a fairly new hotel. So, it was SUPER clean and organized! Which is what every mom is looking for when you have to stay away from home.

When we got to the hotel, the kids still had no idea why we were there. I remember Caleb kept asking, “Are we going to visit Grandma and Pop-Pop and are we sleeping here tonight, Mommy”? He had no clue where we were or what we were doing. It’s funny because on the ride up whenever Josh or I referred to Legoland we had to spell it out so the kids wouldn’t catch on. Imagine us in the car like, the kids are going to be so excited once they realize we’re going to L-e-g-o-l-a-n-d. Lol Hahaha. Spelling has become our tool to communicate about things the kids can’t spell yet, it’s working well so far but, we both know it’s only a matter of time before we hear Caleb say one of the words we’re spelling. Hahaha.

Caleb & Kelsey when they found the Legoland Photo Cut Out… And Josh too 😉

We got settled into the hotel and the kids eventually fell asleep. The next morning we woke up to two little people, bright eyed and ready to go! It was so funny because we got down in the lobby and Caleb and Kelsey saw a Legoland cutout and ran over to take a photo… But still had no idea where we were going! Haha. Josh and I literally kept it a secret until we pulled up to the entrance of Legoland.

When we pulled up to the entrance of Legoland, Caleb FINALLY realized where we were! I remember him screaming in the back of the car, Mommy, we’re at Legoland?! It was kinda a question and excitement at the same time! Kelsey eventually caught on and all you could hear in the car was the chanting of the two little people in the back, “We’re at Legoland, Legoland, Legoland”… This was the tune for the next 10 minutes until we parked the car…

Can I just pause for a second and tell you how ORGANIZED Legoland is? This is nothing like the free-for-all, every man for themselves parking situation I remember from my days of going to Kings Dominion or Six Flags as a kid. They literally direct you right to a parking spot! So that was a great start to our Legoland experience.

Caleb & Kelsey at one of the Creation Stations

Once we were parked… We headed into the park and the kids were amazed by the big lego characters that had been created. Everything seemed to be going great until… it was time to stand in line to ride the rides… That’s when things started to unravel. This was our first time taking them to a theme park and can I tell you I’m so glad we saved our money and hadn’t taken them to Disney instead of Legoland. When I tell you they were so annoyed and impatient by having to wait in line!!! Honey, everytime the ride went around and stopped and they thought it was their turn they were so excited and then as soon as they realized it wasn’t their turn they were both in tears. That was probably the hardest thing I’ve experienced with them…. Having to watch them cry or be upset because they were so excited to have an experience and then to be denied, or to have people jump the line because they had jumper passes….