Yes my Christmas Tree is STILL UP!

Yep… You read the title right… Our Christmas Tree is STILL Up! Judge your momma before you come over here talking about my house! Lol… I’m just kidding.

So let me tell you the story about the tree. We put it up in November right after Thanksgiving while my sister and mother were visiting. This is our first year putting up the tree early but we figured it would be a nice tradition to start, especially with having family here. The kids were SUPER excited when we pulled the tree out of storage (we don’t have a real tree, we all have allergies, lol). They helped put the bulbs on and even put up the angel on top. It was a good time for all of us.

Fast forward, and it is now February and the tree is still up! Lol. I can’t even give you a real explanation for why it’s up. I mean honestly, I just feel like we haven’t had the time, and when we have we either weren’t up to it or we wanted to do something with the kids, or clean another part of our house (we’re not perfect, kid toys add up real quick). Plus, the kids really like having the tree up. They know it’s not Christmas anymore but, they enjoy the lights. It’s become a habit for them to come into the house, take their shoes off and race to turn on the tree lights!… I’m sure it sounds crazy but, hey it makes them happy.

The more I think about it, we just might keep it up all year long! Lol… We totally missed the opportunity for Valentine’s Day hearts but, I’m sure I can come up with some other decorations for the rest of the year! Lol…

Ok so I’m sure you’re probably wondering why I wrote this post today? Well… I wanted you to understand that the things that go on in other people’s homes is their business. Just because someone doesn’t keep their home as clean as yours, put up the decorations you’d put up or paint the outside in a color you’d like doesn’t mean it isn’t a good home for them and their family…. And if I peel the onion a little bit more, I’d say beyond the decor in someone’s home how we each choose to live our lives is our business. None of us should be in glass houses throwing stones, you never know when things around you could start to crack on their own.

So, what’s the lesson? We all have stuff, sometimes we’re less proud of than others, none of us are perfect… We’re all equal, all the same. I heard a speaker recently say we’re all 99.5% the same, let’s not let that 0.5% divide us regardless of what the difference may be….

Until next time…. Peace, Love & Light!

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